Catalpa’s suite of research reflects a unique approach to tracking the markets and global economy.

Daily Intelligence Briefing
• Daily compilation of global news and economic data relevant to the identification of change
• Focuses on high-impact news items and filters out ephemera
• Distills information from hundreds of sources into key categories including: Markets, Economics, Politics, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Finance, Tech, and Commodities

Macro Deck
• Weekly compendium of macroeconomic, business cycle, and market data
• Identifies tipping points, trend changes, and breaks in correlations
• Includes short comments to help decipher the data
• Features proprietary dashboards with a summary overview of the weekly Catalpa Monitors

Sector Monitor
• Weekly digest of sector pricing, momentum, volatility, and average analyst ratings created from bottom-up, equal-weighted data.

Global Country Monitor
• Weekly proprietary monitor that charts the headline economic and financial data for 32 countries for a comprehensive overview of the global economy

Macro Insights
• Syndicated think piece published twice a month
• Highlights aspects of the markets that are often overlooked
• Features a succinct chart-of-the-moment relating to recent developments or breaks in the global economy
• Details in plain language the context and significance of discrete themes in a single page

• Seasonal white paper written by a long-time and thoughtful investor that draws together several thematic ideas and sets out the longer-term market implications
• Past topics include a discussion of the quantitative easing of the U.S., EU, China, and Japan; an examination of the economic “perfect storm” ahead of the 2008 global financial crisis; and a taxonomy of economic recoveries

Catalpa provides free access to its publications with a lag of three weeks. Instant access to Catalpa Capital’s research is available by subscription. Please contact Nelly Nyambi regarding subscription inquiries: nelly.nyambi[at] Or sign up for a free 30-day trial here.